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Melissa McNeill

Kinder Guide

ESA/CW approved vendor

"McNeill Microschool LLC"

Kinder Guide

June 2023 - Present

Helping children learn has always been one of my passions! I began as a piano teacher in 1996 and earned my AA in Elementary Education in 2000. As a kinder guide I work to create a positive learning environment by fostering a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere where children feel safe, respected, and valued.  I encourage positive behavior, promote social interaction and cooperation, and model appropriate communication and conflict resolution skills.

Home Educator

September 2011 - Present

As a mom to 6 amazing children I assume responsibility for my children's education by creating and executing individual educational plans. This includes developing age-appropriate activities to promote the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of my children. I use various assessment tools and methods to track milestones, identify strengths and areas for improvement as we learn together at home. This has been the most rewarding work.

Child Care Center Teacher

September 2008-May 2010

Some of my duties as a teacher included planning and implementing educational activities, supervising and monitoring children, assessing and documenting progress, collaborating with parents or guardians, creating a positive learning environment, and managing classroom logistics.  All skills I use daily in my microschool as well as with my own children at home.

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