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3rd-8th Grade Guide

ESA/CW approved vendor

"Baker Creek Academy LLC"

Prenda Microschool Guide

September 2020 - present

I designed this program to provide personalized and flexible learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting.  My priorities are to share resources, ideas, to foster open lines of communication and share my experience in microschooling.   As educational guides here at Baker Creek Academy, we regularly attend workshops, conferences, and other forms of professional development to enhance our support skills.  Baker Creek Academy is an independent educational program that serves students from different age groups. Prenda is an education company that supports the creation and operation of small, community-based learning environments. 

Education Consultant

September 2006 - present

As an education consultant, my role is to provide guidance and support to students and parents. I help individuals and families make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to achieve their educational goals.  I assist students and parents in educational planning, admissions guidance, test prep, tutoring and academic coaching, education tech integration, and aid in transcript preparation.

Home Educator

August 2006 - present

As a homeschool mom, my primary responsibility is to oversee and facilitate the education of my children.  My role is to design and implement a well-rounded curriculum, provide instruction, and create a supportive learning environment. This includes lesson planning, teaching various subjects, assessing progress, and fostering social and emotional development.

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