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Christine White

K-3rd Guide

ESA/CW approved vendor

"Colter Creek Education"

Prenda Guide

Jan 2024 - Present

My goal as a guide is to create a safe and welcoming environment that allows your children to easily learn.  I strive to create this through open conversations one-on-one as well as working together in positive group-based tasks.  As we connect as a family, we will feel more comfortable leaning on each other and feeling confident in our own skin.  Though I try to utilize a variety of teaching methods, I tend to be more focused on multi-sensory and hands-on learning.  I enjoy projects that bring out their creative juices and really allow them to guide their own interests and learning.  I track their learning through a variety of assessments such as presenting, projects, a portfolio, etc.  What I love about joining Baker Creek Academy is the opportunities for field trips, individualized learning, and extracurricular activities in and outside the classroom.

Home Educator

Jan 2023 - Present

We decided to start homeschooling our oldest when he was in 1st grade.  Everyone who worked with him was wonderful, but he was getting lost in the crowd and losing his love for learning.  My son and I both had to unlearn what we were used to with traditional schooling, and I found that I learned the most by letting him lead the way.  When we hit a speed bump, I was able to make personalized adjustments for him.  By the time my youngest was going to be in kindergarten in the fall we were all in love and could not go back to the public school.

Public School Educator

Jan 2013 – Dec 2022

I graduated from ASU in 2013 with my bachelor’s degree and became fully certified in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Middle Grades Mathematics in 2019.  I loved being a public school teacher.  The best part of teaching has always been the students.  I was inspired by a few teachers from my past but the one I strived to be like the most was my 2nd grade teacher.  He was a poet and very kind.  He would transform the entire classroom based on a book or poetry he read aloud to us.  We took nature walks and did lots of crafts.  I remember how he made us feel so loved and cared for.  So, after I became a teacher, I found my teaching career very rewarding yet difficult.  It was not like the schooling I remembered and was much more regulated, I did not have as much freedom.  I taught in my own classroom for 4 years until I became a stay-at-home mom and began to work part time as a substitute teacher/occasional long-term substitute off and on mainly in the valley.  When we moved to Nutrioso in 2021, I did a few subbing jobs in Alpine and Round Valley but had to stop altogether when we started to homeschool.


Aug 2009 – May 2017

As I attended ASU, I utilized a work study program and tutored at a few Boys and Girls Clubs and Salvation Army afterschool programs.  I did group and one on one tutoring and mentoring.  We created our own plans that were fun and engaging.  We also provided homework help and created games that helped in reading and math.  My favorite program I was apart of focused on history and science projects and my group did a unit on Ancient Egypt.  We had the students create a 3-D typographic map of the Nile River and surrounding landscapes.  After graduating, I continued to offer tutoring for students who only needed extra math or reading help after school.  I did this off and on for another 4 years.  I currently offer tutoring outside of class to provide more one on one help in areas that your child might be struggling in or need more enrichment opportunities.

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