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1st-3rd Grade Guide

ESA/CW approved vendor

"LaRae's Learning Lab LLC"

Prenda Guide

September 2022 - Present

 As a prenda guide I set clear objectives and incorporate a variety of strategies and activities, while providing individualized instruction based on your children's abilities and strengths.  I encourage collaboration, empathy, and respect among your children.  At Baker Creek Academy we provide opportunities for extracurricular activities, field trips, and community involvement.

Prenda Parent to
Prenda Guide

September 2020 - Present

The journey from prenda parent to prenda guide was unexpected but a blessing! Three of my kids started at BCA in 2020, had a great experience and wanted to return the next school year. The first week of school in 2021 my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia which led our family relocating to a new city to be together during his treatments. With the autonomy skills they learned the previous year my now four school aged learners were able to continue with their schooling remotely. Our family has been so blessed by the prenda program! After we returned back home and learned about the growth of the prenda program in our community I decided to join Denise and open a  class of 1st -3rd graders. This has helped me provide financially for my family while still being with my own children as well as give other families in the community another option to help meet their learner's and families' needs. Being a prenda parent and a guide I love seeing the growth of all my learners! I appreciate that each child can learn at their own pace, allowing them to master what they are learning in whatever time frame that looks like for them. I love that the skills they learn through the prenda core values carry on at home as well, making a difference in relationships, responsibilities, and recreation. 

Child care provider/community youth volunteer- 

September 2010 - Present

I love helping kids whether it’s building a block castle or learning how to raise and show a pig for the county fair. When I would have child care in my home it was important to me to help the child feel comfortable in a new environment. For kids learning a new skill I provide them with tools they need to be successful in their learning. I like to incorporate hands-on learning and work with the child at their pace to help build confidence, yet accept a challenge. 

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